Green With A Gun

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That was the title of an old blog of mine, meant to convey that you need not be a lefty pacifist to be concerned about the environment. When I was applying for a job at a community organisation back in 2010 I deleted it lest a websearch hurt my job prospects. There was a fair bit of content there, I should have just suspended it.

Surviving articles:
Just One Tonne, a how-to of a low-carbon lifestyle,

The Freezing Point of Industrial Society, a "bigger picture" article which sketched out some ideas... it wasn't bad, what I missed was that rising prices cause economic crises which then drop prices, and like most I underestimated society's ability to just keep printing money to keep business as usual happening.

I am 47yo with two children. During the day I am a stay at home father, in the afternoons and evenings I train people out of my garage gym. So I think I'm pretty good on the First Circle... the rest needs some work though.

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Welcome to Green Wizards.

Sometimes I think Australia is equal or second to America in the challenge it faces due to climate change and the coming Collapse. We are both large countries with a diverse ecosystem that has a population of rugged individualists. How we address that challenge will be interesting and I suspect different and if I was a betting person, I'd unfortunately have to bet on Australia.

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Greetings. I'll read at least one of your linked pages in a bit.