Greer Back In One Day

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I feel like a kid on Christmas eve, lol.

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I'm looking forward to it as well. ...just checked the site, then hopped over here. Maybe I'll see you all in the comments, which is a good part of the fun.

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Yes it seemed like a long month! Whenever JMG takes a hiatus from blogging, I'm surprised by how much his posts are part of the rhythm of my week.

I really like his posts on magic and spirituality, and his Magic Mondays on dreamwidth are really great, but I also kind of miss the old ADR-days, when he was putting out an essay nearly every week on some aspect of our secular world, whether the economy, energy, the environment, politics or society.

I'd probably get even more out of Ecosophia if I participated in the Cosmic Doctrine monthly posts - I did get a copy of the book, but haven't managed to start reading it yet & following along with the monthly posts.

I really feel like I owe a debt to JMG, I don't think there is any writer who has shaped my views as much as JMG has, across several fields. Glad to participate in a forum like this with some others whose thinking I'm sure has been informed in a similar way, it's a good community of scattered individuals to connect with.

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I've been delighted by the community that has sprung up around ADR & Ecosophia. Being able to make acquaintances & friends who share an understanding of the trajectory things are going is very healthy. The way projects & collaborations spring up -and forums like this one- don't hurt any either. I agree it's great to connect to a scattered community of good individuals!