Hello from Georgia

I’m working on rekindling my love of gardening and thriftiness. I like the idea of collapsing now while I can recover from mistakes. I’m getting to that age (58) where it feels like now or never.

For the past ten + years my focus has been on native plants and ecosystems. That’s my top priority - to feed pollinators and insects and soil. But I’d like to learn how to feed people too, to find out if we can live in a mesh of nature without hurting it.

I hope to get to know ya’ll on the forums.

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Welcome to the family here. What part of Georgia are you in?

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Welcome to the family as Sweet Tatorman said. The site is filled with useful information, and even better, people who are all invested in seeing the practice of Green Wizardry grow in various ways.

We have lizards here in Cincinnati. There was a family back in the late 1800s or early 20th century who went on a trip to Italy and brought back these little lizards which are now all over the place. The non-native European wall lizard (Podarcis muralis). However, if you ask a Cincinnatian to identify the lizard, they will most likely call it the "Lazarus lizard."

I often think that Cincinnati and Ohio will be growing citrus fruits and Georgia peaches in a century or so. I'm not sure of the exact time from, but there is kudzu in some places round here already ;)

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Welcome, Land Lizard.

If you get bare root sweet potatoes delivered, don't be shocked if they look like hell with goopy roots, yellow leaves and dissolving leaves, too. Just plant them; chances are they will be just fine. ;)

I've got sw. pots. on my kitchen windowsill waiting for some sprouts. They aren't budging as yet, but I realize I've planted them as late as the end of June and still they grew okay. But I am forever thinking I don't have enough warm weather for them to cure, come time to dig them. So I prefer to get them in around the end of May. Supposedly we can have frost as late as May 10, but I've never seen it here, even though I'm in a cooler microclimate as compared to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Good luck with your gardening. Take care of yourself. Vary your chores frequently so as to lessen the chances of injury, some of which can plague you forever after.

I’m in the north side of the Atlanta metro area. My kind of lizards are the Five-lined skinks. I’ve loved them since trying to catch them as a kid. Thanks for the tip, Clare. I will prepare myself to be unnerved by my slips and plant them anyway.

My slips came yesterday and they do look sad. I unwrapped them and set them in wet paper towels. I’m heading out to plant now.

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