Is The Rest Of The World Waking Up To The Collapse?

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Saw this article today, on my news feed.

If Life Feels Bleak, It’s Because Our Civilization is Beginning to Collapse

"There’s an old line from a movie called "Office Space" — do you remember that one? — that I’ve always loved: “Every day since I began work is worse than the day before it.” That’s kind of an apt summary for…everything…at the moment. Life isn’t a happy thing right about now. It’s stressful, strange, upside-down. I’m weary with boredom, exhausted by isolation, tired of all the nothing…and I bet you are, too. So. Is it just me, or living through the end of human civilization kind of…sucks?"


Is the rest of the World, especially here in the US finally catching up to what we here on Green wizards have known for a long time, that civilization is in collapse?

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We could live happy, satisfied lives of approximately the same span with a tiny fraction of the energy and other stuff our world currently consumes. We simply need to stop growing, which we are (other than immigration), and use the resources at hand to preserve what we have, rather than create new stuff. A shrinking population may be a disaster for the economists and their pension plans, but for the rest of us, we'll be able to produce food from only the better soils with sustainable water supplies, and so on. A little homespun music will go a long way when it can't be compared with arena-rock or PBS broadcast concerts. It's be the end of something, but not civilization.

Umair's use of the phrase "goes nuclear" is jarringly inappropriate. He could just as well say "runs to completion", but "nuclear" has connotations of warfare and grid base-power, neither of which he's talking about when he uses the term.

The writer really drank his disaster Kool-Aid right down to the dregs and then ate the Styrofoam cup it came in.

It won't be that dramatically bad; it (almost) never is. He's postulating that we, puny humans, are as powerful as a massive meteor striking the earth at about the same time as all the volcanoes erupt.

Also, point out to me the countries of the world that are doing so much better than the United States, leading the way into a glorious utopia. We aren't the shining city on the hill, nor are we the second coming of Pandemonium. (Reread your Milton for the description). We muddle along like most everyone does.