GW Coronavirus Thread - Ongoing Discussions and Info

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Given the concern around the Coronavirus outbreak ongoing in China and with its spread beyond their borders, I thought I would provide a place for discussions and information. Feel free to post here.


Good primer on basic information here: Post Prosperity dot com. Check the comments for more info.
(Note: about half way down there's a ad which will darken the page. Just scroll past to get back to the article.)

At this moment, I have very little worries, even living in a large city. Until I see a case here in St Louis, I'm going to go about my life as I normally would.

I do expect to see a first wave of panic buying. N95 masks, seem to be selling out online. Haven't looked at Home Depot yet. I still have 6 unopened boxes of them from the early 2000 SARs outbreak. I will continue to keep my eyes on the news though.

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I tend to put ginger roots in the freezer and it's not hard to grate that straight in -- now I am making it with equal quantity of grated root ginger as garlic after discussions here. =D

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I have never seen it growing in the wild but has a great taste. A link to a person in the UK doing wild camps. at 52 seconds starts gathering only the leaves, only part people harvest. Enjoy the utube

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That looks like "ramps", Allium tricoccum. Not that I've ever seem ramps in real life. I've just seen a lot of pictures of it.

The most common wild garlics in my neck of the woods --uh, I mean city-- have pretty powerful flavor. They are the same types I picked for my mother to cook into spaghetti sauce as a child. One whole but small bulb would season a half gallon of sauce. We used the bulbs, not the leaves which are too tough....I was just the other day looking at them growing green in my yard, thinking this would be a good time to dig and use some.

I wonder if it is the allicin in garlic that is supposed to be antiviral. I remember that in high school testing garlic juice against bacterial cultures was a popular science fair project. I guess no one had the means to test it against viruses.

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His dinner looked good, I wish I was having that for my dinner =D

I think wild garlic in the UK is Allium ursinum, the leaves are fairly tender.

Oh bother maybe you're right, garlic's actions might well be anti-bacterial rather than anti-viral. I have been regretting not being able to find the book, I think I gave it to someone and hadn't got round to re-ordering. Better to this find out before I'm really relying on it I guess.

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I have been following the CV matter with some interest. Something I am yet to see is any mention of development and deployment of a test for the CV antibody. Has anyone here seen discussion of this from a source that is credible? Such a test would certainly be of value for a number of reasons. While it is too soon to know if true for CV, it is the case that with infection and recovery for many viruses substantial immunity is conferred. Given the apparent high % of asymptomatic cases anti-body testing would be useful to identify those persons least at risk by virtue of prior infection.

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I've been thinking this, too, and watching for any news of it. I suppose it might be difficult to discern antibodies for this corona virus from the many other corona viruses that are said to cause some "colds".

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This showed up this morning:
It appears that the commercial world is ahead of the CDC on this one.

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The only info I could find of interest. Hopefully someday a simple tider test, well people in hell want ice water.

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Thanks for the link. Since posting my query above I have looked around a bit. All I found is the CDC page I link below which says they are working on it [towards bottom of page]. I note that this page was last reviewed 3/9/2020.

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I know Jeff and his father. Please read the article this is good news.

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I read the linked article carefully. Several things about it seem suspect to me. The biggest red flag was the report of getting 24 positives out of 25 tests administered. In Florida the RT-PCR test administered to identify active cases is running at just 10% positives and these tests have generally been reserved for those with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 due to the ongoing limited supply of tests. The current state of reliability of these point of care antibody tests leaves much to be desired. The WHO in fact advises against their use in the manner described in Mr B's linked article. Here is a link to the WHO position on these tests:
The New York Times had a good article just a few days ago about the state of the antibody testing for COVID-19 antibodies. It seems that we have a long way to go yet in terms of reliability/accuracy. NYT article here:

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The town of Live Oak is sometimes called Dead Oak. No longer a joke!! Suwannee County has 110 cases and 10 deaths all associated with a nursing home. 90+ cases in Live Oak. Posting a link to Florida Dash board and another link for population numbers for Suwannee an Columbia counties. Columbia is East has a higher population and is doing better in these times.,suwan... The local Hospital in Live Oak is closing in the next few days. The new owners will keep the ER open . So the nearest hospital will be 30 miles East in Columbia County.

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Homemade Hand Sanitizer:
1 part Aloe Vera gel,
2 parts 70% (or greater) Isopropyl Alcohol,
add a few drops of your favorite essential oil fragrance (optional)
pour into a small squeeze bottle and keep in your day/messenger bag

Sorry to the elderly, but this virus has turned out to be a nothingburger compared to the fear campaign being waged. On-par-with-flu mortality rates. The continued lockdown policies are absolutely killing us though - psychologically, physically, economically.

Horrifying cudgel handed to the dreary bureaucrats and commisars of the modern US.

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I hereby accept your gracious apology. So how's your life going? Innovating something, are you? If you are innovative enough to have ideas for how to wizard up thirty 1.5 L glass bottles, visit my thread about such and share, please.

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NorCal, its easy to critique in hindsight. The was a huge uncertainty at the start of this, justified I believe. Fortunately for us, it didn't go worst case situation. Were a lot of mistakes made? Of course. Did people on all sides spin this to the advantage? Of course.

We need to all look at how we go forward from here.

One note, NorCal, Green Wizards tries really hard to be non-political and a welcoming place no matter what your beliefs or political party affiliation. Overt political comments will be edited or deleted.

That said, welcome and have at it, lol.

'Very promising method': Finland deploys coronavirus-sniffing dogs at main airport

HELSINKI — Finland has deployed coronavirus-sniffing dogs at the Nordic country’s main international airport in a four-month trial of an alternative testing method that could become a cost-friendly and quick way to identify infected travelers.

Four dogs of different breeds trained by Finland’s Smell Detection Association started working Wednesday at the Helsinki Airport as part of the government-financed trial.