Recycling Calenders

Did you know that calendars repeat? The cycles of the moon won't line up right and seasonal holidays like Easter and Passover and the solstices and equinoxes won't fall on the same days, but I used to collect fancy Lang Cat Calendars, and now I have enough that I will probably never have to buy another calendar. I actually had a choice of calendars for this year. When I went to the calendar box, I had a 1995 Santa Claus calendar, a 1995 Lang Cat Calendar, and a 1989 Lang Cat Calendar. I went with the 1989. It's so soothing to look at "March 1989". And if I live long enough I can use one of them again in 2023

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A year can either be a non-leap year, or a leap year, and will start on any one of 7 days of the week, so their are 14 possible annual calenders.

I have a very slow project: acquiring a collection of all 14 possible calenders. :) In my case, i am buying calender towels, with a cheerful illustration and all the months printed on the face of the towel.
2017 is not a leap year, and January 1 is on Sunday. (I will get to use it again in 6 years? when Jan 1 is again on a Sunday)

Last year, 2016 was a leap year, and Jan 1 was on Friday. Not sure when that comes up again.

I've been figuring out when each pattern occurs next, and I belive I will complete my collection in 2036, with the final leap year example!

Of course, I can accelerate that by some careful thrift store, yard sale, or e-bay shopping, but I don't need to actually have it until 2036!

Go to the website. On the right hand side, middle of the page, you can enter any year and it will give you matching years.

I'm keeping all the Norman Rockwell calendars from State Farm. I have no idea why State Farm decided to do Norman Rockwell calendars, but my kids like them. By the time the calendars repeat, they'll be adults, and I can pull out the old calendar and show them. Personally, I think it'll be awesome.

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When I was a kid, a history museum used to sell pocket size metal eternal calendars. The bank I always went to with my grandmother gave them out as advertising. My father kept one on his dresser. They were thin brass plates with moveable guides.

Kevin_2050 can throw one of these in with every sale from his astrolabe cottage industry, and make big ones for town squares.

That sounds pretty cool. The only perpetual calendars I've seen have been the ones with wooden blocks. The blocks always get lost if you have kids in the house. The metal ones sound so much better.