Washing Machine Propaganda

The woman who wrote this article is either a complete moron or a propagandist for the environmentalists who have ruined our washing machines. https://www.yahoo.com/news/yes-washing-machine-using-enough-230653875.html

The comments under the article are full of people disagreeing with her. Anyone with half a brain can see that laundry doesn't get as clean with the newer machines. My towels actually started developing a terrible smell from bacteria building up - because the new washing machine doesn't wash good enough. I have to wash them on extra-heavy, with vinegar in the fabric softener cup. Then I do an extra rinse with a LOT of added vinegar. Then I do another extra rinse with plain water. For other laundry, I still use vinegar in place of fabric softener, but I only do one extra rinse, with plain water. Plus I have to make my loads smaller than what previous washers would handle with no problem. I can't wash two sets of sheets in the same load anymore. That takes two separate loads now.

I'm using a lot more water and energy with this "water efficient", "energy efficient" washer than I ever did with my previous washing machines. That's not even counting the extra time and effort for me. That plus the refrigerator problems caused by "energy efficiency" have really made me hate environmentalists. They're putting me through all this aggravation, and it isn't even saving water or energy! But I guess they can feel self-righteously proud of themselves, and that's more important than doing something real for the environment.

FWIW we put in the $90 Home Depot low water toilets three years ago. House was build in 1987 and original toilets used at least 7 gallons of water and constantly clogged. New toilets have been great - no clogs, no repairs and fill quietly too. Really pleased because they were not expensive, easy to install (did it ourselves) and I'm sure made us our money back in water savings.

not just the washers. I think it's a combination of using less energy and off shoring.

My washer is about 20 years old and my husband is good at keeping it in good repair....what will do it in is when we can't get parts.

My son got a used dryer from the classifieds...the guy selling it had to buy a new washer so he bought a dryer to match (the idiocy of people). So there are old products available.

I totally agree about the so called energy savings. Our fridge only lasted 4 years before we had to buy a new one, the old model was over 20 years old.

I totally agree, Marieann! I saw something somewhere online calling this "The Crapification of Everything".

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I worked at a drop-off laundry service thirty years ago and the front loaders worked well then. I remember a guy who worked as a auto mechanic used to drop off the filithiest stuff and it came clean. We never had to run special cleaners through to clean the machines themselves, nor did they get stinky. So it is possible to engineer and manufacture a water saving machine that cleans and does not become a total bacteria & fungi factory. I don't think it is the environamentalists who've caused the non-functioning machines. I think it is industry trying to sell a shoddy product yet make a good profit.

Do you ever kind of pre-wash your laundry the way some people pre-wash difficult pans and dishes before they put them into a dishwasher?

Personally, I have been able to transition to a plunger and bucket for laundry. I could use a bigger bucket. I regret the day I gave away my zinc double washtubs.

Hi Clare, my mom has used some of the older front loaders, and said they worked great. She said the only problem was that the gasket around the door tended to get moldy. I've been told the new ones don't work as well. Because of "energy efficiency", they don't move the clothes around as much. I haven't tried them, so I can't personally verify that.

My top loader, though, is awful. I talked to someone in the industry who told me that it's because of environmental regulations mandating lower water and energy use. Since then, I've taken special notice of articles on this topic, and yes, the environmentalists and the government are forcing the industry to crapify our household appliances.

I pretreat stains, but I won't hand wash my laundry before I wash it. That kind of runs counter to the purpose of having a washing machine.

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Oh I totally understand and believe you. I've heard from relatives that their front loaders have the same problems you mention. As JMG and others have pointed out it is "progress" that is not an improvement. We see a lot of that, don't we?

Clare, great minds think alike! I typed an edit to my previous reply to you saying that part of the problem is the myth of progress. The solution has to be technological instead of something simple like re-wearing clothes. If people didn't think they had to wear a completely different outfit every day, that actually would save water and energy. But then I got kicked out of the comment.

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Same thing with a toilet a 3 gallon flush not 5. So people flush them 3 or 4 times. You can now buy after market which is a 5 gallon flush. Just not allowed to installed in new construction. Just love progress!!!!!!!

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I've heard really good things about the Toto brand of low-flush toilets, that were actually designed to WORK with the small water amount - not just USE the small water amount. We just bought a house with its original 7-gallon toilets from 1980, and the amount of water they use is almost horrifying - especially since with their age the water inlets have got cruddy and we still sometimes have to flush twice. We'll be upgrading to one of the mid-range ones when my cash flow has replenished a bit.


Thanks for sharing. I'll have to keep that in mind once we have the funds to buy a new toilet. Obviously, using less water is a good thing ... if it gets the job done properly.

I don't miss the 7 gallon toilets! Those were the ones with the huge risk of overflowing when they got clogged. The 5 gallon ones weren't nearly as likely to overflow, but still flushed well.

Yes, I'm having that problem too! Our toilet doesn't use enough water to flush well, so I have to flush two or three times, plus keep a plunger next to the toilet for the frequent clogging. You can't fiddle with the balloon in the tank to get a higher water level either, because they designed it with a pipe in the tank that will drain any water above the mandated low level. It's maddening.