Yum! Cottage Cheese!

One of my favorite hot weather foods (and it's gonna be hot again this weekend)!

Is America Ready to Love Cottage Cheese Again?


After languishing in yogurt’s shadow for decades, cottage cheese is back, sporting new flavors and small-batch appeal.

"Cottage cheese began life in America as an easy, economical way for colonial cooks to make use of milk left over after they skimmed off the cream. By the 1970s, its amicable presence in recipes and on diet plates had made it a star."

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Though I have not read the whole article, it seems to be talking about commercial cottage cheese rather than homemade. I used to like commercially produced cottage cheese, but I no longer no of a brand that is acceptable to me. Most have additives meant to thicken them--additives such as carrageenan to which I have a sensitivity or allergy. So I avoid those. The ones I've come across without the extra ingredients taste too bland. I think cottage cheese should have a little tang to it. Maybe the makers have tried too hard to continue to appeal to those who do not like the tang of yogurt, so are sticking with strains of bacteria the produce a less tangy product than the cottage cheeses of days gone by.

My husband's family used to make a drained cottage cheese every year for Easter. They hung it over a bowl in something like a jelly bag, then compressed it into a ball. Unfortunately, they had ceased that practice before I was part of the family, and thus I never got to taste it.

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Great info at this site does not have all the pages up from his old site at the university. I have his info on making cottage cheese printed out from like 2008. Changes like this is the reason I print stuff out for the furture never know what is going to be around on the internet in the next few years. Unable to copy and paste!!!! So search cheese making David Fankhauser

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