Insulated Window Covers

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I have some cheap ($15-20) sleeping bags hung over my windows to provide insulation now during the colder Winter months. I've done a rather poor job of making sure they are kept tight and prevent leaks. Still they do help quite a bit. Peeking under one while one of the cats is in the window sill I can definitely feel the temperature difference.

Over on the Permies forum, they are having a much more detailed discussion on how to make and use such insulated covers.

Window quilts (or other window insulation solutions) for Allerton Abbey (Wofati 0.7) at Wheaton Labs

Good thread for those who can sew or are looking for more in depth information.

I'll second window quilts. They are so useful. You can make much larger ones for doors, covering the entire door.
I hope to write posts when my time frees up on how-to along with how-to insulated Roman shades.
In the meantime, some window quilt tips.
Mount your hardware from side to side at the top of the frame, as far apart as they'll go. The hardware supports the weight of an oak dowel (cut to fit) over which you drape your blanket, sleeping bag, bath towel, etc. Very large cup-hooks work as do the kind of rod supports for curtain rods with decorative finials on the ends.
If you can't mount hardware (the best choice), use heavy spring tension curtain rods set within the window frame. The problem with spring tension curtain rods is that they have a nasty tendency to fall out in the middle of the night. But they work for renters.
Always, always, always keep the cloth from touching the glass! You WILL get condensation. Spread the window quilt or towel out as much as possible so it extends over as much of the window frame as possible and hangs well below the sill. Draperies can be closed over the layers.

Hope that helps!

Teresa from Hershey