Dave Collum's "2019 Year In Review"

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Collum is a chemistry professor who has made a name for himself with his Year In Reviews. They are huge reads, which always leave you wondering about the things you believe in and questioning the things you don't believe in. Well worth the several hours it will take to read.

Part 1: Dave Collum: 2019 Year in Review (Part 1)

Part 2: Dave Collum: 2019 Year in Review (Part 2)

Complete Review as a PDF: HERE

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I will have followed Dave Collum on Twitter. I am curious to read at least the section on Epstein -and how he of course did not kill himself. Looks massive. It kind of reminds me of Bruce Sterling's "State of the World" that he does at the beginning of every year on The WEll. I like Sterling's fiction, but he is still a bit too much of a tech fanboy for me, still a lot of his SF predictions have turned out true. Here is last years: