Learn basic electricity

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I'd like to suggest this training book from the US Navy to anyone who needs to learn basic electricity in order to work out some alternatives for themselves. I think this is updated from the one I used which had been originally published in the 1940's. Anyway I see that at the end of the book this source has been updated with some modules on topics that did not yet exist in the 1940s.


If, like me, you prefer working from paper books, there are probably a bazillion of them to be found in used bookstores and probably in public libraries.

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A good reference book for North America https://www.amazon.com/Uglys-Electrical-References-Bartlett-Learning-dp-... Have no idea for a book covering the Common wealth or mainland Europe which are 230-240 volts at 50 Hz. The North American standard for a wall outlet is 120 volts at 60 Hz. South America better have a volt meter as things can change going down the road 20 miles (32K) In Chile and Argentina if you are on the grid 230 volts 50 Hz using the same outlet an plug as Oz an New Zealand. Like Clare said lots of books pick one.

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Looks like a solid online resource.

A few years ago I took a home wiring course that is offered in the evenings at a nearby high school. Taught by a retired electrician.

We spent the first part of the class working through basic theory, and working out various arrangements of lights, switches, receptacles and appliances on paper.

Then the practical portion of the class, they had a bunch of stations with 2x4 studs and panels hooked up to low-voltage battery, so we could practice running wire, making good connections, choosing boxes with the right amount of depth, etc.

I found getting my hands on the tools and working on simple projects really helped with learning more theory. It definitely helped me in my job (plumbing) and some renovations I've done.

I'm looking for more community courses like this, maybe welding or woodworking if I can arrange it. A good way to pick up some skills and get out of the house for an evening.