667 Free Survival Manuals For Download

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Here's a site with 667 free pdfs of various green wizard related subjects. You have to download them individually to get them free. A all manuals cd costs $18.


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The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery isn't out of copyright is it? I see the article linking all the downloads has this book pictured. I haven't yet found it among the downloadables. Is seasonedcitizenprepper a reputable site that would be giving authors their cut on sales? I have this book on my list buy secondhand if I find it really cheap, but I don't feel right about just taking a pirated(?) version.

Copyright on a book is normally the author's death date plus an additional 70 years. Carla Emery didn't die 70 years ago so unless she released the book into the wild (or her publisher did), it is still under copyright.

Copyright restrictions can and do change but this is the current law in the US.

Teresa from Hershey

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I looked through the list of downloads and don't see the Encyclopedia of Country Living, being offered. The picture at the top contains it but its not there unless its in the main site. Though I do see a couple of other works that might be under copyright.

Someone copy/pasted a bunch of well known books for the page photo it seems.