Bunkers of the Rich and Famous

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$197,598. That was the 2017 median family income in the area where my state's first covid-19 diagnosis was made. The family hired a lawyer to do PR (with implied threat of lawsuit?) as they felt they are treated unfairly by the vocal public which complains that it was too selfish of them to go out to a coffee shop and to a school father-daughter dance at a hotel while awaiting the test results.

Personally, I think I'm more likely to catch coronavirus from a well-to-do person who travels the world and hires me to vacuum their house and clean their kitchen, than I am to catch it from my neighbor who runs the snack bar at the community center for $32,000 a year.

Similarly, it has been my theory that it was rich travelers who re-introduced bedbugs to the US after decades of our being bedbug free. Infestations started at high-end hotels and slowly fanned out from there, did they not? There is new meaning to the phrase, "filthy rich".

So while the super-rich of your article may feel that they are under threat, I am more likely to suppose that they carry/are the threat.

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I hear you. I still ride the bus, even as people are "bugging out". The poor folks eating their snacks and french fries on the bus are more down to earth to me than as JMG says our "soi distant betters". I love what you said about "Filthy Rich"... indeed. I just thought that picture was funny.

There is one thing about being healthy peasant stock... it's healthy!