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Here is a Trash Flow Radio episode for all of you who like the Retro Future. DJ Jugular Jones was in the studio's at WAIF Cincinnati 88.3 for a three hour special showcasing the best music of the '50's and '60's you've never heard. You can download or stream the file here:

If you've been aching for the simple radio pleasures of times gone past, than join Jugular Jones for a trip back in time to hear that "classic 50's sound". Thanks for listening to these forgotten hits & magnetic meories. This set also featured an episode of DJ Frederick's Radio Thrift Shop, Bargain Basement Bin edition, split into two 15 minute segment.

Set list:

1. Chromaphone Band - Dudley Simpson- from Doctor Who soundtracks
2. Gesang der Jungline (Song of Youths) - Karlheinz Stockhausen
3. Voix Angelique - F. C. Judd -from Electronics without Tears
4. Etude aux Objets (Objets Assembler) - Pierre Schaeffer
5. Daisy Bell - IBM Mainframe
6. Poeme Electronique -Edgar Varese
7. Little Miss Echo - Raymond Scott -from Music for Baby
8. Silver Apples of the Moon I - Morton Subotnick
9. Radar Blues -Harry Revel, Dr. Samuel Hoffman & Les Baxter - Perfume Set to Music
10. The Wizard's Laboratory - Delia Derbyshire
11. Seven Organism Study - Charlegmagne Palestine - from Mid-Air (early electronic works)
12. DJ Frederick's Radio Thrift Shop, Bargain Basement Bin, Part 1
13. Cindy Electronium - Raymond Scott
14. Synchronism No. 5 - Mario Davidosky
15. Collage #1 (Blue Suede) -James Tenney
16. Song of the Second Moon - Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan
17. Music for Tape Recorder - Vladimir Ussachevsky
18. I Write the Songs - Bob Braun
19. Postlude from Music for a Sacred Service - Bulent Arel
20. Mysterioso - F. C. Judd- from Electronics Without Tears
21. Etude -Karlheinz Stockhausen
22. Take Off Electronomusic -John Pfeiffer
23. MFSK-16 Digital Text Transmission
24. Out of Into - Daria Semegen and Bulent Arel
25. Boat House Woman - Holger Czukay
26. DJ Frederick's Radio Thrift Shop, Bargain Basement Bin, Part 2
27. ?- Tom Dissevelt and Kid Batalan
28. Rocket's in Ursa Major - Daphne Oram
29. Pulse Persephone - Daphne Oram
30. Magnetic Field - Joe Meek
31. Space Adventure Part 2. - Martin Slavin
32. Doctor Who Theme - Delia Derbyshire

Special thanks goes to Ken Katkin for letting me fill in on Trash Flow Radio, DJ Frederick for the use of Radio Thrift Shop, and to Dan KE8AWT for pointing me in the direction of Tom Dissevelt and John Pfeiffer.

If you like this kind of thing and like reading about the history of music and technology than check out my Radiophonic Laboratory series of articles:

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I'll try and put it on tonight, after I get my running around and work in the garden done. Thanks Justin