The original mobile, tiny home -- trailers

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And, trailers are so inexpensive to buy, alot less than a "tiny home" . So, you can live in one as well as any other mobile, tiny house. But, they are also great for evacuation purposes. I bought one a few years ago for double use, first for fire evacuation. I have had to evacuate twice, and having anything like this would make it all much better, peoples property, fairgrounds, parking lots, many places will let evacuees park and camp for a while, but if you have nothing, it is tough ! Realy, even a tent and some random helpful stranger will let you set it up in their backyard, for a short time. But, a camper of any type can be used longer, with more comfort, and in less hospitable places ( like parking lots). Being without a place to stay is pretty bad, I had to farm out animals and offspring all to different places, and didnt have anywhere good or stable for me. You realy do not want to stay on a cot in a red cross set up. First of all, no privacy, second, the lights are left on all night, etc... easier to sleep in the car. After that, I knw next time to at least grab a tent on the way out !

The second use was goat shows, at the time I bought it, I still had an offspring at home that went to goat shows, and we had to camp. Before the trailer, I had a tent trailer, I actually realy miss the tent trailer as it was easier to tow and I could tow it with a smaller vehicle. Our tent trailer was pretty large, and had a stove and sink and table, as well as the two bed areas and a couch. This would also be good for evacuations in most places. But, it is kind of a summer solution, fine for California, but places with summer rain, or if you need shelter in a worse weather season, the trailer is better. The trailer can be used year round in a pinch, if a short term evacuation turns semi-permanent in a changing word.

So, my trailer has been ignored since we havent had goat shows for years now. This season, I am reviving it. The world is .... well, who knows what it will bring. We are at half our average rainfall going into this years fire season.

I will take pictures of mine eventually, but mine looks alot like this one, but a few years newer with a slightly upgraded kitchen