Covid 19 As Earths Immune System

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Here is a great article and perspective on the Covid-19 situation from my good friend Oryelle Defenestrate-Bascule. I have pasted an excerpt below but I encourage all you GW's to read the whole thing if you have the time and inclination.

"There has been a strange and somewhat paradoxical sense of global unity in the experience of this Pandemic: That the challenges it has presented have been not only shared (via media social and antisocial) but felt all across the planet. The experiences have been vastly diverse, and of intensely varied levels of difficulty according to location (and their different social and political stances) and personal circumstances of individuals, yet there has still been a general feeling that we are ‘All in This Together’! Ironic as whenever I see this somewhat trite slogan I feel to counter it since we are so very obviously ‘All in This Apart’ given the main counter-measure of social isolation; and yet both extremes are somehow equally true.

Don’t be too fooled by the feeling of solidarity provided by ’social media’ and other electronic communications. While it is comforting that we can still stay in ‘touch’ to some limited extent with our friends and associates and share our trials and experiences even while physically isolated, our modern civilization was already too obsessed with virtual communications and there is a danger in the illusion of connectivity it provides.

Now is a good time to maintain real connection, to feel what is really going on with ourselves and our planet. Most of us already lived quite disconnected lives, in our separate dwellings (rarely knowing even our neighbors) with their separate rooms. Greater confinement highlights the oddness of this ‘comfortable’ lifestyle.

While I too am grateful that we can still maintain communications beyond our immediate (and currently very limited) sphere, and am not suggesting everyone should turn off their phones and/or computers throughout this time (though it is quite surprising how many I know have been, at least for short periods), this period of confinement is not only a really good opportunity for tuning in deeper to oneself, one’s partners or family if isolated with them, and the greater ecosphere -but also probably a time when this kind of deeper introverted perspective is actually essential. Could it even be one of the ‘reasons’ it is happening? Please don’t waste the chance…

There are waves of self and societal realization sweeping the planet, a kind of renaissance of reflection and contemplation which -regardless of whether one even rationally ‘believes in’ such things- can ultimately only be fully understood spiritually as well as emotionally and mentally. Many of the reactions of individuals, of governments, even of whole cultures, have been apparently irrational and creating as many further challenges as the virus itself, and there is no apparent reason for some of the madness other than a collective need for intrinsic changes that Will manifest despite any opposition from the rational short-term mind."