anti-theft melons

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My gardens are in the city and very exposed to passersby. I've sometimes done things to discourage thievery: Planting small fruited tedious to harvest things up close to the sidewalk. Planting underground crops. Planting ugly crops such as warty squash. Planting food among flowers (though for years flowers have gotten stolen a lot more than food). Planting on a hillside to discourage people too lazy to walk up the hill. Front yard prickly pear cactus in a city where few seem to know of the edibility of the pads and fruit.

Today, I came across this melon so ugly it made me first draw a sharp breath and cringe, then laugh. This might be a good anti-theft melon. Do you know of more ugly, threatening, or otherwise pass-me-by food plants?

By the way, do I have fences? No, except around my backyard which has rabbit fencing installed probably in the 1920s on one side and chain link installed by the neighbor probably in the 1950s

Those melons truly do look diseased and tremendously warty. I am thinking that medicinal herbs might do well along the street, if indeed you do grow any. Or a giant rosemary bush, or things like feijoas that many people don't realise is food? or a hedge of hawthorn and sloe. Very prickly and hard to push through, and then you can make sloe gin..