Making Pasta From Scratch

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Pasta is one of those wonder foods. You can make just so many different dishes with it. Noodle soups, stir fries, spaghetti, you name it, you can add noodles to it. While I picked up several bags of premade pasta when the recent Covid19 health crisis began, being able to make it yourself, from some simple ingredients is a great Green Wizard skill.

Here's a good tutorial on how:

I need to get a rolling pin though.

You can use a wine bottle as a rolling pin, so now, instead of needing to get a rolling pin, you need to get some wine, and the day just got a whole lot better:)

My recipe for pasta is 100g (3 1/2 oz) semolina and one egg. Mix and then roll out on lightly floured board, double over, roll out etc repeat until smooth. The semolina gives it a much better bite compared to flour.
I don't like it coated in dusting flour so I let it dry a bit on both sides before cutting up with a pizza wheel cutter.
For my rolling pin I bought a length of the largest diameter dowel I could find in the hardware store (about 3 cm - 1 1/4 in) and cut off a piece about 70 cm long (2 1/2 ft). Works brilliantly and you never get caught with too short a rolling pin.

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Spaetzle and drop dumplings (a wet dough, often with added fat and or leavening) simply spooned a bit at a time into boiling water, soup, or broth are easy alternatives and you get to skip the rolling and cutting steps.