Kingston Group

On the old forum, the user Green Wizards Magazine was inquiring about a Green Wizard meetup in Kingston, Ontario. I'm in Watertown, NY, which is about an hour away from Kingston, and I would be interested in attending a meetup in Kingston. I responded to the posting in the old forum a few days ago, and haven't heard anything back, so I'm posting here in case this is where Green Wizards Magazine is now hanging out.

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I know that the Green Wizard magazine is having problems with legal issues, by being in Canada. I've reached out to them to see if we can help.

I live in Prince Edward County, about an hour from Kingston. Would enjoy some good conversation on green wizard themes.

Hey there, I'm trying to start a craft brewery in Hastings Co., but may have trouble crossing the border, so Watertown would be a convenient stateside place for me to land! I'd be glad to try to organize a monthly or bimonthly mtg in Kingston once (if?) I get back.

The person who was starting the magazine was going to St. Lawrence, but he's back in Ottawa now...