Native American Plants and Food

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One of the recommendations you often hear is to plant "native" plants, that is plants which have been growing in your geographic area for a long time, with the hope that having adapted to the local rainfall and climate patterns these plant would grow more easily and still provide plenty of food.

A off shoot of that, is rediscovering how past native people served those foods, and what dishes were popular then.

The Cherokee Chefs Bringing Back North America’s Lost Cuisine

Some of those diet choices, like using rabbit and chicken rather than beef are also probably better for you too.

I noticed this link as well on that site:

The Chef Restoring Appalachia’s World-Class Food Culture

There is so much more than the typical "American" menu out there to explore. And check out this Appalachian pantry, wow!

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This is my current big interest. I ordered ground nuts (Apios americana) this spring, and then got scared to plant it because it can take over if happy. So they are in a pot while I think through the design of my yard and perhaps clear an area for them. Here is the article that got me started:
Hickory milk and acorn flour are on my list to try, too. I have plenty of those around.

There are an assortment of pages on Facebook devoted to indigenous foods.

Indigenous Eating by Devon Mihesuah is a good one.

The website is based on her book: Recovering Our Ancestors’ Gardens: Indigenous Recipes and Guide to Diet and Fitness. University of Nebraska Press, 2005. (currently being revised.)

Michael W. Twitty is another food historian worth following. His book The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South is on my reading list.

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Talked about this in the past unable to find may be at the old site. Some info.

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