Anarchist workbench PDF

I thought I would let you know that Christopher schwarz has published a free PDF containing the sum of his knowledge and techniques on building workbenches.

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Awesome. Thanks for this. I want to visit his workshop someday as it is only a two hour drive from here and I have family in Lexington too I could visit. I saw his books last year and was blown away. That he was in the general area made me happy.

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Nothing in the world better than having a good solid workbench in your home. Though you have to constantly work at making sure it doesn't get covered in tools and half finished projects. I find a good solid bench vice is top of things to own too.

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... which was fabricated to serve as half of the front door to a church. It's supported by legs of doubled 2x4's, and holds a 9x20 metal-turning lathe, a drill press, and a couple of tool chests. The tops of the legs are bolted together to make free-standing frame, then the top attached. As David might expect, the space between the lathe and the drill press is at least one layer deep in un-sorted tools and half-finished projects.