Dare you share a dream?

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I dreamed that I had a pet---- like a dog, except it was a tomato plant. With ripe tomatoes on it, ha-ha-ha. :-D It walked around horizontally (my waking life garden tomatoes are well rooted and caged vertically!), following closely at my heels and snuggled up to me when I lay down. It gave the impression of being a happy, floppy eared, shaggy-footed, unassuming, little dog- uh- I mean tomato plant.

I liked this little dream and it makes me laugh to type this out.

Dare you share a dream?

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Recently I began a dream journal, as a preparation for lucid dreaming and as a help to visualization in my shaman training. Once I started writing them down, I came to realize just how detailed and vivid my dreaming is.

My Monday post to my shaman site will be about this subject. I'm working on it as I type.


I also took a Mugwort tea for the first time last Saturday. The herb Mugwort has a history of helping generate vivid dreams and helping with sleep. Didn't seem to do alot but then its a practice that might improve with time and repeat use. We'll see.

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Perhaps a synchronicity... I was doing some sleuthing around some publishing houses and stumbled across this book:

Beyond Lucid Dreaming ...


It might be interesting if we had a dream sharing circle on here. I think dreams will become a source of cheap entertainment and wisdom and ecotech as we move along the long descent.

My own dream journals are a huge resource and repository. A kind of natural resource for my life. I still journal regularly and include my dreams, though I haven't been as devoted to it as I was between 2004-2014. That was the decade of intense dream journaling for me.

But, as I said, I still include dreams in my journal. I've been journaling since I was in the 6th grade. All those books, binder, & notebooks take up a huge trunk now. It takes up a lot of space, but is worth it.

Don't know how my kids will react to those pages if they read them after I'm dead. Perhaps I should burn a few sections :)

Happy dreaming & journaling. Hope to see this topic & thread grow here.

I go through phases of dreaming. I can guess when I've slept better when I have more vivid dreams.

I genuinely think that when I'm riding along inside someone else's head (which is what most of my dreams are like: I am not the star) I've crossed over some barrier into some other phase of existence. Like a parallel universe, one sheet of paper over from this one.

I think that traditionally, most cultures used dreams as omens, ways to understand, and warnings.

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That is what I want from dreams: omens, ways to understand, and warnings, and so on. Maybe this is some sort of conceit, but the dreams that seem most meaningful to me in this part of my life, seem usually to confirm that I'm doing fine. I tend to have dreams that feel really positive. Like the tomato-dog dream-- it felt great and it feels like a confirmation that my relationship with plants is chummy, happy, well-adjusted, ordinary, no big deal.

Or like another dream in which I was about to get married, was wearing an old dress with a ripped seam that I'd "gappingly" pinned up with a safety pin, and, in the dream, all that was just fine. Clare can just go with the flow, and recognize that some problems are just not worth fussing about.

I think I've been fortunate to have some dreams that show resolution to earlier dreams (and what was going on in my life). For example, as a child I dreamed a few times of being a backseat passenger in a car in which the driver was not there yet the car was rolling down the street. No one steering, no one operating the breaks, now on even trying. At age 14 I dreamed the same situation, yet climbed over the front seat and took control. Resolution-- and at a time of life when I felt more capable, more in the driver's seat.

Another resolution was between dreams at about age 21 and age 61, this year. That's a long time to wait for a resolution, but I definitely connect these two dreams of 40 years difference. The first was a dream about my brother' seething violence. The much later dream was confirming my own part, even as a child, in my brother's maladjustment. This was not a dream revelation, but something I'd been deliberately thinking about for many years. The dream just confirmed it for me in a way that makes me feel sort of finished with turning over the questions/problems in my mind. Again, the dream had a positive feel to it.

I was amused to see JMG mentioning bureaucracy so much in this week's ecosophia entry https://www.ecosophia.net/the-arc-of-our-future/ because when I have "bad" dreams, they usually have to do with a bureaucracy! Me, stuck in a position where I am dependent on some immovable bureaucrat in some immovable bureaucracy. Can't say I've ever had a dream to resolve a bureaucracy nightmare.... Maybe 40 years from now it will happen. Yeah, forty years sounds biblical doesn't it?

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Speaking of dreams, did anyone else here have more than usual dreams, or kind of crazy dreams during the lockdown?

I know from my friends across the pond they were having some crazy dreams. I heard this from a few others too.

Maybe its cause we all got to sleep in a little bit more (those of us who were off work anyway) or some other factor. Anyone have any thoughts?

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I've had the advantage that I no longer am using an alarm clock except in a rare occurrence. This means I tend to wake naturally from my dreams. I'm sure this has lead to some more intense or longer dreams. I still find that I often wake up at a point in them though, as if the actions in the dream surprise me enough to say "Ohhh get me out of here!".

I've also noticed that my first span of sleep has been waking right around 2:30 am every night. I get to bed between midnight and 1 am, so that's a strange situation. The second is around 4 am.