Learning Pods - Are They The Future Of Education?

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I don't have children, and the ones in my immediate tribe are all grown but I've been seeing the discussion on the subject of small groups of students, taught online but with a in group educator, what's being called "Learning Pods" because several of my friends are teachers. If you didn't catch it, our governor in Missouri is a complete idiot, and many teacher, including my friends are not going back to schools this Fall. They are looking at Learning Pods as a way to use their training and still make money in a safe manner.

Yet, learning pods are something which takes resources to set up, and resources are something low income families don't have. This is certainly going to increase educational inequality by income. Rich families will be able to educate their children, who will go on to get good paying jobs, while poor families will have children whose economic pathways will get smaller and smaller.

Not a good thing for a functional society.

The Learning Curve: The Dystopian Future of ‘Learning Pods’

For writers this is one more thing to toss into your Post Oil stories though.

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I have seen families with no money and low parental education successfully homeschool. And, this whole POD thing, and they are advertising for workers on Craigs list now and then for this out here, this is not homeshcool.

What they are looking for is a daycare provider that can, in addition to taking care of the kids, make sure they log in to class time and then do their homework. Quite frankly, looked like they were asking for too much for not enough $$.

Most people are doing this for no money, this I have heard of more. And, they have been doing it all spring once the schools shut down. Just a couple families combining kids so someone is home with them. The lower income families have been doing this from the start. The parent or other family member whose turn it is is supervising the kids, which includes the whole "online learning" thing. Which is a joke, the online learning, and you dont need an education yourself to see that, which is likely why some families just had them stop doing it.

But, what they need to do is sign up with a public charter homeschool instead who can provide more suitable actual homeschool materials for the children. A licensed teacher meets with the child/family once a month or once a week, and funds are available for more tutoring help. So this is free, and this model has already been working and is proven to work and has access and experience using materials that young people can learn with. I am NOT talking about the bad online homeschools, I am talking about the real family choice public homeschool charters, where funds are available for materials to use at home hands on, and for tutoring or field/trip classes. ANd, this is how families with no money out here have their children take piano lessons, or gymnastics, have the loan of a microscope or other equipment for the school year, etc...... ( My children were part of one) The family and the assigned teacher consults on what materials or activites would suit the particular child, the funds available per family does have a limit.... so one child may have piano lessons and waldorf style paints and crayons and papers made available, while another might have a weekly math tutor and surfing lessons. For broke families too.

The person quoted in the article assumes money makes a difference and conflates a lack of a high school or college degree with stupidity or lack of intelligence, which the 2 do not correlate. He is telling them they cant possibly do it. And, some of them will believe it. We would be better off empowering people that they CAN do it ! And, they can. I have seen this. What it does take is parents to value that the children should learn and help them with discipline and organization. But, the public school monopoly does not want families empowered, they want needy clients and they want their organization to grow and to take care of it all

Families with money have always hired outside tutors to make sure their kids get thru public school, so this is no different. The real point is that public schools are often just not very good to begin with. It is not a money problem, it is an attitude problem. The solutions they come up with ( for kids that need extra help whose families do not hire tutors) cost more than the others families pay for tutoring and are not as sucessful as they should be. They have kids for -- sorry I will not go into it more