Ongoing COVID product scarcity thread

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I cannot relocate the thread in which there was discussion of ongoing product scarcity as a result of the COVID disruption. One I noted recently was the lack of canning supplies, specifically mason jar lids at the local Wally World. This doesn't adversely affect me at the moment as this is an item that I generally buy ahead by one or two years. Looking at my on hand supply it is clear that I will use most of what I have by the end of the season so I was intending to buy ahead for next year. I checked Ebay and they are available there but at 2-3X normal pricing.
Also, as noted by others, Isopropyl alcohol is only rarely available. I will generally buy a bottle when I see it.

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Tator, do you mean this thread?

I don't think that was specifically on product scarcity but its a good idea to discuss it. Let me think for a few minutes while I have morning coffee. I will probably create a separate COVID forum and put the threads there.

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David, I don't think that is the thread I was remembering. I cannot rule out the possibility that the thread I was remembering does not actually exist.

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Yes MM, that is the one

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If you are willing to try re-usable lids there is and The second, Tattler, got overrun with orders in spring, but re-stocked so well that they were running a sale earlier in summer.

Ace Hardware has been a good source for canning supplies at fair prices in years past, but I've not looked this year. They will special order for no fee, too.

Elsewhere on the internet, I read of a lot of cleaning products that people have trouble finding, but that doesn't affect me, as I don't buy stuff like ready-made disposable wipes. Just the basic bleach, alcohol, peroxide, soap, detergent. Some of those have been iffy, but my household has not been stuck without, so far.

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Thanks for the links CB. I need to revisit the possibility of reusable lids. They would offer an advantage of added resilience in the event of severe disruptive events. The products in your two links look similar. Do you have any basis for preferring one over the other?

I'm seeing strange gaps again at the local supermarket after most items stabilized and reappeared. I only recently began searching for rubbing alcohol so I don't know if it ever came back. I'm not finding it now.

Oddly, today at Giant, the Turkey Hill ice cream section had been ravaged. Turkey Hill ice cream is imported from Lancaster County, one county over from Dauphin, and I have no idea why they would have a problem when the rest of the ice cream aisle looked normal.

As a result of the shortages, I've been building up a bigger buffer than usual on anything non-perishable.

If Three Gorges Dam bursts, expect shortages for sure and for a long, long time. I hope that dam holds. The devastation in China and the repercussions in the rest of the world would be severe.

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Tattler is the only one I've tried. I'm only using them on jams, since jams keep pretty well without even being canned. In three batches, I've had two that failed to seal, which seems a high rate. I probably need to practice tightening the lids properly. It is a little different than with metal lids. The Harvest Guard lids look just like Tattler, but I really do not know.