New Maps

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This was posted on Ecosophia open post this month. Those of you who are subscribers to Into the Ruins perhaps already heard about it, but a new deindustrial fiction magazine is going to take the place of Into the Ruins...

---From Nathanael Bonnell-

"New Maps will be centered on short stories set during and after the long decline of the industrial age. It’ll also include a letters section, occasional essays, book reviews, and other good stuff.

New Maps picks up more or less right where Joel Caris’s Into the Ruins left off when its final issue came out last month. I’ve been working with Joel to lay the foundations of this magazine, and I think I can safely say that if you liked Into the Ruins you’ll like New Maps.

The first issue is planned for January, and the magazine will be published quarterly. You can subscribe now for the first year to be there right from the beginning. Delivery is available for a number of different countries for what I hope you’ll find is a pretty reasonable cost.

And I’m looking for more stories, letters, and other deindustrial writing (essays, reviews, etc.). Ecosophians made up a lot of both the readers and the writers of Into the Ruins, and I’m looking forward to continuing to bring amazing stories to everyone here who wants to read them, as well as working with those of you who’ve written them and who will write them.

You can check out New Maps, order it, and send your writing at I’m excited to share its pages with all of you."

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I saw that in this week's open post. I need to get off my butt and start writing again. This will definitely be on the list of places to submit to.

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Hi David. Hopefully I'll be reading one of your stories in the pages of New Maps in one or more of their issues!