concrete blocks rained down from the sky

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Oh, I do exaggerate, don't I? It did not rain concrete blocks. Not exactly.

My husband and I went to our orchard-to-be where we have a stack of hay bales under a tarp. It had been windy and rainy, so I was hoping the tarp had not been blown away and the hay wet. I knew we needed more rocks, blocks, or bricks to hold down the tarp.

At the same time, I was thinking we needed something to raise up a platform on which to store our squash in the basement. Maybe some concrete blocks....

When we arrived at the orchard-to-be, we found someone had dumped concrete blocks! What? What fantastic luck. This kind of thing has happened a surprising number of times. I think I've mentioned here the time when I needed poultry wire, and a new roll of it just presented itself on a city parkway street. And maybe I mentioned how when I needed to set up a bird scare system involving tall poles rising over trees, what should appear but some long steel pipes and tall dried bamboo trunks impeding the drive through two different alleys? They worked perfectly for my scheme and were easy to work with.

Oh, materials don't always come so easily, but it sure is a little explosion of joy when it does happen.

Do these things happen to you??

Most often I find the most amazingly useful things at this freight salvage place I shop at at truly amazing prices. However, every once in a while, the universe gifts me with needful things.

Yes, I've gotten things I needed or wanted this way too. A lot of it depends on keeping your eyes and your options open. It also helps if your local municipality still uses regular-sized trash cans and not those mammoth containers that can hold several bodies at a time. Big stuff doesn't fit as well into a standard aluminum trash can so you're more likely to find it sitting by the road.

I trash-pick all kinds of stuff, from wall art to garden fencing.

Essentially, it comes in two varieties:

Obtainium is raw material to be used or repurposed for something else.

Mongo is ready to use as is, such as that large, framed Ansel Adams print.