13 pg booklet: Rocky Mountain Locust

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This once-in-a while publication called The Kansas School Naturalist (Emporia State University), is generally aimed at high school students, sometimes very high level high school. Each publication is a single topic, illustrated, and scholarly. Usually the topics are insects. The booklet I have to offer is "Rocky Mountain Locust: The Insect That Defined the West," by Jeffrey Lockwood. This one has a little more cultural focus than most of these pamphlets and is easier reading.

Locust Biology
-Life cycle and development
-What is a locust
-What causes phase change?
-Where are locusts found?

Rocky Mountain Swarms
-Where did warms originate?
-How high did they fly?
-How far did the locust spread?
-What was the largest swarm?
-What was it like when a swarm arrived?

History of The Rocky Mountain Locust
-Who studied this locust scientifically?
-Where can you still see them?
-Had the locust always been a pest?
-How serious was their damage?
-Did outbreaks follow a regular pattern?

Knowledge is Power
-Biogeography of the Rocky Mountain locust
-The hazards of misidentification
-Debunking locust myths
-The importance of natural enemies
-Foundations of integration pest management

Pioneer Ingenuity
-Bounty systems
-Cultural control approaches
-What about insecticides?
-Mechanical inventions
-A radical and practical solution

The Extinction
-Was the locust really gone?
-The alfalfa theory
-The bison theories
-The Indian theory
-The bottleneck theory

The Locust and Culture
-The need to do something
-How the locust changed US agriculture
-The role of religion
-The Mormons vs. the locusts
-The role of government

How the Locust Shaped History
-How did ecosystems change without the locust?
-How the locust helped form the USDA
-Understanding natural disasters
-The locust in American literature
-A locust opera

Lessons From the Rocky Mountain Locust
-The importance of sanctuaries
-The (im)balance of nature
-Even abundant species are not safe
-How should we value a locust?
-What if?