Salutations from southern WA

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Greeting, all! As I'm putting myself back on track this month to practice more of the Green Wizardry that Greer advises, I'm taking the time to introduce myself now to the dedicated Ecosophians community.

I'm currently living in an apartment complex in southern WA, close to the OR border. I'm new to the area and moved here for my current job. I work in a position that, while most probably the sort of PMC work that won't exist without government regulations, also has the benefits of involving working outside regularly. I plan to stick in this position for a few years (if all external conditions work in my favor, that is) while I work on my Long Descent preparation. While I've been reading Greer since 2017, 2020 marked a point at which my views of his writing changed from them being a fascinating novelty, to a "oh, shite, now I can *feel* he's right on collapse." As such, I have since been trying to start taking steps to follow his example, including finishing my Master's degree program with an accelerated schedule last year.

Since this year began, I've been taking up the following activities to work towards Green Wizardry:

> Fermenting my own bread.

> Planting tomatoes, radishes, rosemary and basil in containers on my apartment balcony. My apartment has a sunny south-facing balcony perfect for most plants. I started small this year, but am looking to expand a lot next year.

> Not including a TV in my apartment and trying to only use my laptop if I have a specific reason to.

> Focusing on paying off my debt as soon as possible. Per my current budget, I'll be debt-free by the end of next year, though I'm sure I could take steps to modify my budget and pay off debt sooner if need be.

> Exploring new skills and alternative career routes. I learned a little bit of woodworking by helping my dad build a bat house for my parents' home, where he showed me the steps in the process (though he's not a woodworker by trade and was only showcasing the amateur experience he has). I'm trying woodworking initially as a new skill because one, it kind of relates to my previous education (I have a forestry degree), and two, because it's an obvious option for a career in a Long Descent scenario. My ability in hands-on practical skills useful in a Long Descent are limited at this time - blame my comfortable middle class background for that - but I'm hoping to work on new skills while I'm in WA. Just need to find what I'm most interested in.

I finally bought a copy of "Green Wizardry" recently after using a library copy initially, so I have that and Greer's "The Long Descent" as references.

As someone whose hobbies have historically included lots of video games and Internet-dependent activities, I've been seriously enjoying incorporating gardening and the other aforementioned activities into my life now, and am looking forward to expanding my Green Wizardry. I'm sure that you all will be able to help with improving my gardening skills and providing advice on other matters. Thanks to all in advance, and to David for creating this website!

Glad you could join the community. I look forward to reading your comments.

Hi Saltpeter. Welcome to our little group.

It's sounds like you've gotten a really good start.