Bridging the Communication Age Divide

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It will be up to the younger generations to lead the fight against climate change, resource depletion and all the other predicaments that will go hand and hand with the Long Descent. As someone who is in his sixties, I understand how my generation is very conservative and lets just say it "set in our ways". Unfortunately, we also control a lot of power and money, from the halls of government down to the individual household. That means you, that younger generation must persuade us.

That's why I found this article interesting,

From puppies to concert tickets, kids are using PowerPoint to get what they want from parents

"The children say that their polished presentations serve a few purposes. They convey to parents that what is being asked for really matters. They also let them make an entire case without being interrupted by a parent’s quick “no.”"

I had to grin at the idea of younger kids in business suits, making a board room style presentation at the kitchen table, it strikes me that older teens, and twenty somethings could learn from this technique. The decision to go greener or more sustainable in a household is a powerful tool to help a family adapt as things get worse. Getting your parents on board will be important.