Wormwood Tea and Parasite Infections

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Schistosomiasis, or sometimes called "snail fever" is a type of parasitical infections which happens primarily in the Tropical regions of the Caribbean, Brazil and most of Africa. Tiny flatworms living in contaminated water, penetrate bare skin, then migrate through the body multiplying. As the amount of parasites grow, the person starts to feel fatigued, sluggish. In advanced cases a fever, trouble digesting food or abdominal pain can occur , and sometimes enlargement of the blood vessels in the liver, which can burst. For children it can stunt growth, affect memory and IQ.

Not a great illness!

The parasites are spread when urine or feces of an infected person, contaminates bodies of water that contains a particular type of snail. The snail is an intermediate host for the flat worm's larva. Then non-infected people are exposed in the worm filled water, themselves becoming new hosts.

The standard treatment is a drug called praziquantel, three doses taken over the course of a day but since the majority of infections take place in poor third world countries and the infection can take months or even years to show serious health effects, many people don't seek treatment. Also drugs cost money. Even though the cost in Africa is about 25 cents for a treatment, many countries there can not afford the amount of drug needed for their people. Schistosomiasis kills over 300,000 people and affects more than 200 million each year. Adding to the cost, doctors can have a difficult time telling who in a village is infected and often choose to treat the entire population as a preventive.

(BTW for Americans and other developed countries, the cost is typically $200-400US.)

Suppose there was a more natural cure that people could grow and administer themselves?

"If A Worm Makes You Sick, Can This Cup Of Tea Cure You?"

"Pam Weathers, a biologist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, has spent a lot of time studying how artimisinin and other derivatives of the wormwood shrub attack malaria parasites in people. She figured wormwood might also kill the worms that cause schistosomiasis. So along with her colleagues she ran a trial on 800 people in the Maniema Province in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, all of whom had schistosomiasis. Half were treated with the drug, and half got wormwood tea. In a new study published this month, she reports that sweet wormwood tea can cure schistosomiasis faster and with fewer side effects than the most common drug treatment."

Treatment with praziquantel, consisted of 3 tables taken over the course of a day. Wormwood treatment consisted of drinking a tea infusion over seven days.

"The people who got the conventional drug and the people who drank the tea all were completely cleared of the parasites. But the group sipping the wormwood infusions got rid of the parasites faster and reported fewer side effects. "It [the tea] is much more benign on the patient," Waters says. The pharmaceutical treatment with praziquantel can cause headaches, nausea and fatigue."

""The thought initially was that they we're going to try and let people grow the plant in their own gardens and then just make their own tea," she says. This turned out to be not as easy as it might seem. The tea infusion had to be the right strength to be effective, and people had to be told to not store the prepared tea for more than a day or it would lose efficacy


As medical care gets more and more expensive as the Long Descent affects civilization, ways to use easily grown and administered cures for illnesses could be a life saver.


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Pyraziquantel is the stuff they give children and puppys. Yellow liquid taste like bananas we always carry a bottle if going to central or south america. If you spend any time in Costa in a small village and the health worker shows up the evening drink taste like bananas!! You can get the stuff from Tractor Supply good to keep at the house.