Admitting When You Are Wrong

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Its an important trait to be willing to admit when you are wrong. I've always thought it displays a confidence in yourself.

Greer has often written that in the Long Descent happening now there is a loss of faith in Science. That studies and papers published are sometimes being shown to be wrong. This is leading to a attitude among people less educated in the manner of scientific study, to discount real and truthful research. The denial of human causes in climate change is a prime example. It hasn't helped that often academic organizations and well know science experts downplay when they get it wrong. Perhaps that is changing?

"Intellectual humility: the importance of knowing you might be wrong"

"Julia Rohrer wants to create a radical new culture for social scientists. A personality psychologist at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Rohrer is trying to get her peers to publicly, willingly admit it when they are wrong.

To do this, she, along with some colleagues, started up something called the Loss of Confidence Project. It’s designed to be an academic safe space for researchers to declare for all to see that they no longer believe in the accuracy of one of their previous findings. The effort recently yielded a paper that includes six admissions of no confidence. And it’s accepting submissions until January 31.

“I do think it’s a cultural issue that people are not willing to admit mistakes,” Rohrer says. “Our broader goal is to gently nudge the whole scientific system and psychology toward a different culture,” where it’s okay, normalized, and expected for researchers to admit past mistakes and not get penalized for it.


It might be too late to save Science's reputation before the next Dark Age, but its still important to try.