- Good info

I've directed a couple of queries (one about apple trees and one about cider) to as that seemed the best thing to do. They have alot of information on making ciders.

outstanding site sir..thanks. I went to the UKcider site to check out that homemade press. I'm going to do that tomorrow for the pears that I least something similar. Thanks for the link

Glad you liked the site - there are some top people working on it. Good luck with pressing the pears. I've done that twice - the first was at home and I let the pears get soft so that I just ended up with a disastrous puree. The second was last year in an orchard where we pressed some hard perry pears. The pressing was successful but the perry failed through infection. Making perry is completely different from making cider.

yeah, pears are definitely more complicated than apples. It's as if they don't want to be alcohol. At any rate, due to prioritizing my time within the seemingly unlimited projects I have going right now I decided to re-route the usage of the pears. I used them for nitrogen in a hybrid gardening project I have going right now.

Years ago--in another millennium, in fact--I read about pears in brandy, I think. I was amused because you tie the liquor bottles over the nascent pearlet. The fruit grows, ripens, gets washed in the bottle, and then covered with brandy. As long as you keep the level of brandy over the pear, the pear will last indefinitely. --Probably not a drink that I could ever afford to try, but I liked the idea.