A Primer on Nutrition and Diet

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I believe that a good understanding of Nutrition and Diet is going to be essential to Green Wizards in the decades ahead as Civilization further collapses.

Not only will we begin to see the effects of climate change as it stresses our system of mono crop agriculture and industrial food production, meaning the foods we do get from "the system" will be less nutritious and more junk BUT political and economic disruption will lead to times of shortages, as grocery stores' supply chains fail.

It is important then to learn to grow your own food, via gardening, as well as learn to store and preserve both the harvest of that garden as well as the food you can access thru local farmer's markets. If you can't have a large garden of your own, you can leverage the gardening and local farming of others to provide yourself a larder of healthy food to sustain you during periods of shortages.

Understanding what foods are most nutritious and what diets are healthy, will help you make wise choices in what to put into that larder, and how to feed your friends and family best.

Here is a bit of a Q&A on food and nutrition: