Making Mongolian Wool Boots

Here's  an interesting tutorial on making Mongolian wool boots.  You may miss it in the layering but there is a clear plastic template in the center of the layered wool. You do glimpse it when the boots are cut apart.

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I suspect that 90% of the footwear worn now is imported. How many people go to Wal-Mart for their shoes? Personally, I am willing to pay for quality. My current day to day pair are a low topped steel toed pair from Redwings, that ran me about $200US. The pair they replaced (with wore out insides) was bought about a decade ago. The pair I wear to work, is also American made, though not Redwings, and paid for by my employer.

I can remember buying a pair of high topped leather moccasins when I was young. Good shoes. I wonder if making hand made niche boots would be a viable business to have in the Collapse?