What might one do with short 1/8 inch rods of stainless steel?

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I cut up a small stainless steel wire shelf for use in the garden. But it leaves me with about two dozen little rods about 2.5- 3 inches long. They are just such beautiful, polished, strong, straight pieces that they seem like they should be useful. They are round rather than flat.

They could be nails, perhaps, if no head is needed on the nail.

How else might might someone re-use them?

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Using a forge you could make them into nails with a head plus forge the point which would make them into some nice timber spikes. With a tap and die set you could make threaded rod which would be useful for building stuff. Back to the forge you could make a set of small knives for fine wood work or a set of chisels for fine wood work.

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Not sure if she could do any of that but the nails Blueberry, given we are talking coat hanger size wire basically. And not sure how good stainless steel forges? I haven't so if you have I'd appreciate any pointers

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Ah, you sound like you have some experience. I had to look up timber spike. But I see that others could do something with these scraps. Don't think I will do any of those things, but maybe this means I might bump into someone who would want them.

Pins to support a shelf in a bookcase, if the holes in the sides of the bookcase are drilled to fit the size of the pins.

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Now that is something I actually might use the pieces for. I've been on the lookout for a strong shelf that can hold a bunch of gallon jars full of fermenting vegetables. I've almost concluded we have to make our own and it needs to hold a lot of weight.

LOL! My first thought is executive Tinkertoys. Or combine them with small magnets.


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Ha-ha, gotta admit, I kind of like that idea. I mean-- not for me to do it, but if you make the executive tinker toys, I would be happy to play with them.