April Meeting of the St Louis Regional Wizards

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I've had a request to put together a meeting of the green wizards in the easily driveable range of St Louis, Missouri.

Is anyone interested? The person asking, would be better with a Friday meeting than a weekend one.

We did a meeting a few years back, so I know there are a few of us here.

(Bill, I'm getting a refuseal on a reply to your email address, please email me about this.)

This may have revelance since i just hear back this week, that the biggest Sci-fi convention in the region, Archon is putting our proposal for a Cli-fi Fiction Writers / Green Wizard lecture on the schedule for the first weekend of October.

Go Team!!!

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Bill has expressed interest on attending. He lives in Mascoutah IL, which is about 25 miles to the east of downtown. I live near the airport. If there is anyone else interested in attending an early dinner, say 5-7pm that Friday, we can figure up a location that is equally close to all of us.

Let me know either here on the thread or via email