Any guilds planning on celebrating/mourning Archdruidrepocalypse? I think it'd be fun to do in full fauxpocalypse/end of days fashion. Perhaps a Wagnerian tribute like JMG suggested?

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has happened.

We have an official date to celebrate/mourn/prepare for a black hole to suck the solar system away/calderas to blow/the meteor that's gonna do us all in: June 21, 2017. Yes, indeed, Archdruidrepocalypse falls on the summer solstice. Mark your calendars and prepare accordingly.

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Did Greer mention something in the new blog comments?

"It would be great to give the Archdruid Report a Wagnerian sendoff, with flames rising above a technocratic Valhalla while a heldentenor and a soprano belt out some verbose variation on 'I love you, let’s die.'"--JMG