Supervolcanos and geothermic power

Ok, make sure your eyeballs are well lubricated because I don't want anyone to get hurt rolling dry eyes:

NASA has been thinking about how to tap the Yellowstone caldera for geothermal power and save us all from the inevitable extinction event when Yellowstone finally explodes.

It's a great idea, and incidentally it gives me a clue about an event in a story I'm got in a drawer. I knew somebody was experimenting with geothermal energy and it went horribly wrong, but I didn't know WHY they were doing it. Now I know why they were doing it, and why it went horribly wrong! --But it will be a long, long time before I can get back to that piece of work.

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Check out the old movie "Crack in the World"

it has something similar, a scientist who is trying to use the Earth's internal heat for good. Of course it goes wrong.

Alot of these older movies are ripe for a remake.