Someone Making A Difference By Sharing His Food

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Here is a story about someone who I picture would be a Green Wizard, if he knew about us.

He is taking his practical knowledge of gardening and food production and helping his community.

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I think most people doing this are quiet about it, since we see some people in the crosshairs for undertaking such initiatives, and most of the time simply ridiculed by society at large. I have this whole group in Tokyo who are basically Green Wizards to start with, though not quite as completely into the nuts and bolts of collapsing before the rush. They're making forays that way, they're open to the idea. I'm sort of piggybacking what interest there is in the Kanto area around Tokyo in Green Wizardry specifically onto what has already been organized more loosely.

I don't know how someone might go about detecting possibly favorable existing groups, but it is definitely where I would start from