Introducing "Green Wizard Grimoires"

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For a long time I have been unsatisfied with the Resources forums here. The Circles seem to work well as does the Community Forums, but there are a few subjects, like specific plant species and all about them, that I think we need to rethink the generic list of links to.

As it would happen, the lore and myth of Wizards suggests a solution.

A "Grimoire" was and is a book of spells and knowledge. Wizards and other pratitioners of the occult arts (and remember "occult" really just means, that which the majority of people don't know") would usually have at least one, if not more, in their napsacks, or their libraries.

I have removed the Wiki from the public list since we haven't been using it. The Resources forum has been locked and I will be moving the posts in that forum to their respective Circles.

I am also going to consolidate a couple of the Circle forums so I have forum slots to place into the new "GW Grimoires" section, the first which will be "The Book of Plants".

I hope that doing this will give us a single thread, that we can add to with information on various helpful herbs, vegetables and fruits.

I will move threads tonight and tomorrow.

Populating our new forums, The Green Wizard Books of Plants and Animal.

I'm looking for those of you who are growing or raising plants and animals to add your knowledge. Don't worry if what you know seems thin or not up to posting. I can add in photos and links. I would especially love to hear from those who can offer advice to those of us who haven't yet tried them.

I am also relaxing the "no herbal lore" rule for the Books, as long as you include the phrase "it is said".

(ADDED 2017-12-22 - Admin Note: Resource Forums have since been closed down and deleted.)

I have a lot of links about the interconnection of water and waste, including things like a Tree Toilet with a living tree that is rooted in an 'inside outhouse', so to speak. A small tree that uses human waste and can eventually be planted outside.

Would links of that sort be considered grimoire worthy? Or just so much mind clutter, taking too much time to keep indexed?

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That's a interesting idea, to put your outhouse next to a tree, and let the waste feed it. Something that makes perfect sense. I haven't studied enough on human waste composting but I should, since I plan a composting toilet in my backyard office/workshop.

For now I would say post such lists to the relevent Circle Forum but I am open to other subjects for Books.

Lists of links are great things because they let you find the gems and then develop them into full threads. Their downside is they do go stale, as people move on with their Life and let their websites go cold.

The first I have in mind is up, that is the Book on Plants. I am thinking of a individual thread for each plant we discuss with things like pictures of it in each stage of Life, what soil it likes, tips on growing it, what kind of companions it likes and hates, can you eat it, etc. We get alot of comments buried in threads, and this will let us consolidate the knowledge we have.

I'm going to post a first thread on Purslane soon to give everyone an idea.

I would also say, don't "not" post knowledge or helpful hints to the threads in the Circles. Continue to do that please. I will, if I see someone post something that seems very good, cross post it to the Book pages for that subject, with a link to the original thread in the Circle.

The second book that I am thinking of would be the Book of Animals. That would be for both animals we keep and eat, and other animals that we encounter on a day to day. The thread awhile back where someone was having trouble with cats in her garden comes to mind.

Additionally, I want to do quarterly updates of all the threads in each Book, as a pdf that you can download and when the Internet does get too expense for most people, you can print out the Books for furture generations.

Eventually I would like to see more subjects, and a Book on Composting and Waste would be a certain addition. Any other suggestions for books are certainly welcome.

I figure I have about twenty years or so left in me, and would be very pleased if at my end, I can look back at helping spread the Green Wizard way. Maybe I'll have a set of bound copies of the books buried with me, along with my favorite tools. Then sometime centuries from now a future archaeologist can dig me up and put my grave on display in a museum, LOL.

An idea for the grimoires:

Make them in "zine" format. They are very easy for reproduce and distribute cheaply. A zine is usually a handmade photocopied booklet, often 8.5 inches x 4.5 inches, so you can just use photocopy paper and fold it in half and staple the middle. Often people used colored paper for the cover or even make a screen printed cover page.

This would be more like a Green Wizard Scroll - rather than an extensive book, it would cover just one topic in each issue. It could have drawings, multiple author contributions, fiction, poetry, whatever you want.

I've been daydreaming about making a couple of these zines on stuff I'm interested in. I want to make one on how to build a Russian Stove because I want to build one one day, I read about Russian Ovens in one of Dmitry Orlov's books, I think it was Five Stages of Collapse. But I would also start from the beginning in case Home Depot isn't around anymore: how to make fire bricks, how to make cement and fire-resistant mortar from raw materials, draw some diagrams for the oven designs, etc.

I hope others might want to make these zines too. If you don't know about zines, there is actually a thriving zine scene around the world, festivals, and small bookstores that sell zines, no publishing required! here is an example: I'm always looking for zines on herbal medicine and plant identification, but this seems almost nonexistent...

I just found a CD given to me by a friend some time ago that contains 60 issues of Mother Earth News with articles ranging from soap making to pig keeping and back again. I may post a list of the ToC to see if anyone wants to know what the magazine says on a given topic.