Thank You for Registering (and Participation here)

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I wanted to take a moment and thank each and every one of you who have stepped up, registered and for a few of you posted comments.

It makes me glad for all my hard work.

YOU make Green Wizards special even if you haven't posted yet. We don't judge. Try it and we'll appreciate it, I guarantee.

We can only do this TOGETHER.

Thanks for all your work getting this going. I am going to work on being a more regular visitor.


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I'm eager to hear from new folks. Hope you all enjoy reading through some of the old posts and adding to them. I know there are some questions and comments that remain unresponded to--hint-hint. Post some all together new stuff, too, please!

I got in! Thanks for the direct link at JMGs. Password reset worked a treat-I'm used to beating on gmail for inappropriately labeling things as spam.

Thanks for your hard work getting the site going! I look forward to participating in the discussions here.

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Woohoo! Here's to building up critical mass!
I want some new appropriate-tech friends to geek out with!

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Hi - I'm new to the forum so mainly reading through old posts for now. I've read several of Greer's books and occasionally check his blog (how I learned of this site). Like probably many here, my reaction to learning about our probable collapse and accompanying existential predicaments has evolved; it no longer leaves me depressed most days. I do however find most people are not ready to consider these issues, and when they do, tend towards fatalistic dismissal or the usual "technology will save us" optimism. But.. that aint ya'all -- you get it and from what I've read so far, are focusing on resilient adaptation, the voluntary simplicity, collapse early with appropriate technology, Earth-centered systems way of thinking about our future, assuming we have one.

Anyways.. aside from trying to live light on the land and create habitat for the local critters, I enjoy reading/listening/viewing materials relating to energy, climate science, the rise and fall of civilizations, low-tech solutions, etc. and occasionally writing about these topics as well. What I haven't done much of is to find/foster relevant community; living in an American suburb is fairly discouraging, pretty much 180 degrees off from where I want to be heading. Ultimately I'd like to find a compatible intentional community, but that'll likely have to wait until my partner retires (I retired early and beat the rush..). Until then, online community will probably have to do - lucky you! ;)


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It has taken me months to get over here. Last year, I received an implant that left me with such terrible brain fog (severe electrosensitivity) I could barely manage to perform my translation work on a computer, with frequent breaks. Now I've had the problematic part of the implant removed, and am back to normal. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to participate. Japan will make smart meters mandatory next year, and I am very badly affected by them. I have no problem living without utilities, but it will be much more difficult for me to work, let alone stay in touch. But I'll drop by when I can.

Pat Ormsby over on JMG's Ecosophia.

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Pat I'm going to start a new thread to see if anyone has ideas on how to lower the bandwidth required to visit the site. I would like to have the site with many pictures but I know downloading them eats bandwidth. Several of the websites I follow do email based newsletters, perhaps we can come up with something like that.

The thread is here:

I have been banging on the door at the old site and here, trying to get my login/password to work or reset. All to no avail until today! Whew. Thanks David, for the email and the help. Here I am, now to see what I've missed :)

So, I (obviously) go by temporaryreality on JMG's blogs. In real life, my name is Wendy, I live in the Sacramento Valley, am an academic copyeditor and volunteer as a UC extension Master Gardener. I'm not really a master at much, but I have experience converting a lawn to a native and climate-adapted pollinator playground filled with edibles and medicinals (and aromatics and just fun stuff). I'm in the process of designing and planting a backyard orchard and veggie garden, and this weekend I'll be taking a beginning beekeeping class. I'm a chronic multi-project person, so I dabble a lot - I haven't yet decided if that's a good thing or not. At least it's interesting.

Happy to be here :)