YouTube instruction on metalworking

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If you have any interest in learning to build mechanisms (such as clocks, sundials, astrolabes, etc. or just replacement parts for some handy household machine) take advantage of YouTube (while you can) and look for the following:
* clickspring, who is building a replica of the 70BC Antikythera Mechanism. One series of videos shows how he's building it, but a parallel series of videos shows the tools, materials, and techniques that could plausibly have been used 2000 years ago in its original construction. Chris's gentle Aussie enthusiasm for his work is hypnotic, and his video production is outstanding.

* This Old Tony: machine-shop techniques at (well-equipped) home-shop scale. Excellent production, includes visual and conceptual jokes. One of his early works is on using an old satellite dish as a solar collector.

* abom79: narrated job-shop machining on a larger scale than Tony's garage. Some his projects, and tools, require overhead cranes to relocate.

* Joe Pieczynski: more formal lessons in machine tool use, rather than end-to-end projects.