Hello from the West of Scotland

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Although I never commented, I was a long time reader of the ADR and now frequent his other websites. I live in west Stirlingshire (as was), too close to Glasgow (and Faslane) for comfort. I am a medievalist by training (my historical interests have always revolved around how societies fall apart -- oh, dear!), and an editor (reference books) by profession. But my real loves revolve around needlework and I've recently taken up tapestry weaving. Luckily for me, my south-facing garden was once cultivated, and is slowly but surely being put to good use again. I've lived in Scotland for nearly four decades, but I grew up in south suburban Chicago, which I left before Reagan and "Morning in America" had dawned. I've always been grateful that my first step down the slope of descent found me in Scotland. It seemed rough at the time, but in retrospect...!

I recognise many of your names from other forums (fora!), not just ADR, and I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better.

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Hello, Serinde. I'm glad you are here.

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Nice of you to join. Looking forward to pictures of your garden this Spring.

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Just wanted to say hello. I am 50% Scottish ethnically (maiden name is Muirhead) and I spent a year in St Andrews in 1995-1996 studying Medieval History and Roman Archaeology there. Wish I still lived there, but I'm now in the SF Bay Area. Nice to see you here, I am envious!

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What are the chances of that? Welcome, Tude.

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Thank you!

Hello Serinde and Tude:)
Many years ago I studied Medieval History, Medieval Literature and Old English. Good times:)
Serinde, is your needlework and tapestry medievally inspired? What is tapestry weaving? Is it the classic diagonal tapestry stitch on canvas, or something different?