Source of SW American Native Seeds

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Here's an interesting place to get drought resistant, non GMO heirloom seeds.

Native Seeds/

I ran across them through this article

How Native American Diets Benefit From Tucson’s Indigenous Seed Bank

"Housed inside a welcoming midtown Tucson shop, the nonprofit Native Seeds/SEARCH works to preserve endangered or rare plants of the Sonora Desert region. To accomplish this the organization sources, stores, distributes and sells approximately 1,900 varieties of drought-tolerant, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) seed.

About two thirds of the Native Seeds/SEARCH ‘library’ comes from Southwestern U.S. and Mexico Native American communities. Seeds range from chiltepin chiles (ancestor to most chiles) to chapalote ‘Pinole Maiz.’ A corn variety grown for thousands of years, this chapalote combines high protein and fiber with low fat and simple sugar and no GMO pollen contamination. Reintroduced in the Gila River Indian Community near Phoenix and in the Santa Cruz River Valley, pale-colored heirloom White Sonora Wheat resists both rust and fungus. Brewers and bakers especially appreciate its sweet, earthy flour flavor and nutty texture.

Native American health challenges instigated creation of the organization. Native Seeds cofounders, Gary Nabhan and Mahina Drees, collaborated with the Tohono O’odham Nation to help them establish gardens that would support their nutritional needs."


View their catalog of native American seeds here:

The catalog also has some interesting info on getting seeds started.