Hello From Saint Louis

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I realized that I had never introduced myself, so I thought I would now. Hi, I'm David, your Admin and "He who fixes problems when things don't go right", lol.

I live in the heart of America, Saint Louis, Missouri. I've lived here on and off all my life but I was born in Oklahoma. I can honestly say, I'm an "Okie from Muskogee" born there in 1957, which makes me 61.

I first started reading Greer's "Archdruid Report" I believe in 2007, the second year he was posting. I came on board the old forum as a member when Teresa started it, then later as a moderator when Teresa and Cathy had health issues and couldn't handle the work. I let things slide there unfortunately, with personal things interfering with Green Wizards. We're back now with a new website and I hope we can really make this a great place.

I attend an annual sci-fi convention here in St Louis every October called "Archon", been attending it for almost 30 years. Its a big Midwest convention. In 2017 Sophie Gale (fellow Green Wizard) and I gave a lecture there on climate fiction and its was well received. I'm hoping to do another this Fall, and then start having month Green Wizard meetings here in St Louis.

In real life I work for a company that sells metal, like steel and aluminum, from coat hanger wire to 40 foot bridge beams as a machine operator. Pays not bad and I like my work. The company is family owned and has pretty good benefits including a well paid 401K. I try to live frugally and plan on using the money I save to let me build a tiny house in my Sister's backyard. She lives about a mile from me.

I've got about 5 years from retirement and between then, I'm going to try and turn my sister's backyard into a micro farm, where I can continue to experiment on ways to grow food, live sustainably and practice Green Wizardry.

I'm also a writer, with two stories published in the "After Oil" series, and hope to publish more short stories this year, eventually getting my first full novel done.

That's the bare bones of me.

Hello fellow Green Wizards!