Indian and Pakistan Limited Nuclear War

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Among my top ten predictions is that at some point in the next two decades, India and Pakistan will have a war that ends with a limited nuclear exchange. I say "ends" because once they launch such a strike, both countries are effectively gone. True some people will continue to live their but much like a scenario of a Russian invasion of West Germany in the 1980s. which I was stationed there in 1977-1980, I know the results of, that is a limited nuclear exchange, such a conflict will have ramifications across the entire globe.

Though things that worry me as a citizen, fascinate me as a writer. That's why I found this article informative.

If India and Pakistan have a 'limited' nuclear war, scientists say it could wreck Earth's climate and trigger global famine

Wouldn't it be just kick in the face if a nuclear war was the only way to save us from run away climate change, lol?

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Atoms for peace!!! Guess who gave them the tech?