Hello from northeast WI

David BTL here. I’ve been gradually getting my worldview shifted under my feet for a good eight years now, but particularly via the communities of ADR and now Ecosophia. More a solitary, I’ve begun to see the necessity of community in these last few years particularly. Once my current term on city council is done (still haven’t been able to make front-yard vegetable gardening legal), I may look to trying (again) to start up a local GW chapter.

In the meantime, one of the lessons I have learned (which my wife told me long ago but I couldn’t hear at the time) is that the best way to induce change is to go about my own life in the manner I would like to see in the world and let go of my expectations of others. It is certainly far less stressful!

We ditched our TV two years ago and don’t miss it in the least. I left FB almost a decade ago now and never looked back. Disconnected from the political blogs I participated in and feel much, much better. There is a lesson here, too.

Looking forward to spring and some (backyard) gardening :)

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Hopefully by Summer I'll have some packets made up for people wanting to start local chapters. Something with business cards, some promo flyers and a few free copies of Green Wizardry, that I can send out to you.

BTW perhaps you could post some insights you got from being on the City Council. Things like how hard was it to run, what kind of challenges you had and some thoughts on the horse trading involved in getting things done, like that front yard gardening bill. I'm thinking about running myself once I move to my sister's and retire. In the mean time I plan on going to the local city council and see how it operates.