Character Development

I'm kind of surprised there is not much craft information in this forum--no "how to" stuff.

I just came across an interesting article on how the costumes in the new horror film "Us" were key to establishing character. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!

To Understand Us, Pay Attention to the Outfits

The deeper meaning behind the red jumpsuits, the leather glove, and Lupita Nyong’o’s costumes—according to the woman who designed them

As we all know, a picture is supposed to be more powerful than a thousand words. So it's difficult for a writer to convey in words all the information that costume designer Kym Barrett packs into her visuals, but I thought it was very interesting to see what color and types of clothing could reveal.

I have always done a lot of character development through body language. It was an odd concept to the other people in my writers group, but whenever someone asked about a problem she was having with a character, I always asked how a character stood, carried their weight, etc. I don't know any of my characters until I can conjure up their feet.

So I immediately remind myself that design is a major component of graphic novels!

Drawing Up an Urban Planning Manual for Chicago Teens
The graphic novel No Small Plans aims to empower the city’s youth through stories about their neighborhoods. architecture-foundation-no-small-plans-graphic-novel-teens/521802/

I like the format of this book. It was inspired by a 100 year old textbook on city planning, and there are three stories in the novel illustrating lessons from the book: a "three-part volume that recounts stories of Chicago teenagers in the years 1928, 2017, and 2211." You could use the formula to tell the story of a town, a farm, a water shed, what have you, over a period of time.

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"I'm kind of surprised there is not much craft information in this forum--no "how to" stuff."

All things take time Sophie, lol.

I am planning on a story technique blog post once every two months or so on the main page. This was the most recent one.

Story Circle: Creating Minor Characters In A Short Story

I need to think how to display such posts in their respective Circles. I was planning to put them in the GW Tutorial page but might now do a stick thread with links too.

As for your comment, I love the inclusion of art in a story but I'm finding it hard to get an artist. I have a want ad up in the GW Marketplace looking for one.

Wanted - Story Illustrations