Giant Hogweed -- Don't Touch!

Here's an article from today's Business Insider warning about giant hogweed. I think I had this in my yard once. There are also some similiar-looking plants like wild parsnip that also should not be touched with bare hands to avoid any"phytophotodermititis."

More info, pictures here:

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Here's some additional info and where you can forward pictures if you think you have it in your yard. Sounds like nasty stuff.

It seems odd that no one seems to have any practical use for the stuff even in its homeland... Something this nasty would make a heck of a privacy fence.

I could probably think of some magic spells.

In rooting around as it were, I came across a reference that parsnips (a cousin) could also have similar irritants if wintered over in the garden and then allowed to go to seed.