Project Gutenberg Book - "One Thousand Ways To Make Money"

Here is a Project Gutenberg book titled One Thousand Ways To Make Money, by Page Fox

Here is the Table of Contents for just three chapters in this book.

It includes a lot of recipes just as for candy-making
Section 1—Household Ornaments.
Crystallized Grasses. Leaf Impressions. Vine and Trellis. The Suspended Acorn. Moss and Cone. The Tumbler of Peas. The Hanging Turnip. Bleached Leaves. The Artificial Plant.    35
Section 2—Tea Dishes.
Delicious Ham. Choice Tongue. Artificial Honey.    39
Section 3—Pastry.
Angel Cake. Dominos. Soft Gingerbread. Doughnuts.    41
Section 4—Sweetmeats and Confectionery.
Walnut Candy. Chocolate Caramels. Peppermint Creams. Molasses Candy. Blanched Almonds. Fig Paste. Fig Layer Candy.    42
Section 5—Preserves, Pickles, and Jellies.
Orange Marmalade. Brandied Peach. Ox-Heart Cherry. Pound Pear. Grape Jelly. Sweet Pickles. Chow-Chow. Pickled Walnuts.    44
Section 6—Toilet Articles.
Rose Oil. Cologne Water. French Face Powder. Night-Blooming Cereus.    47
Section 7—Varnishes and Polishes.
Stove Blacking. Shoe Blacking. Furniture Cream. Leather Polish.    48
Section 8—Soaps and Starches.
Poland Starch. Glue Starch. Gum-Arabic Starch. Starch Luster. Hard Soap. Savon D’Amande.    50
Section 9—Soft Drinks.
Root Beer. Ginger Pop. Lemonade and Orangeade.    51
Section 10—Dairy and Other Farm Produce.
Golden Butter. Fresh Eggs. Sweet Milk. Sparkling Honey. New Cheese. Clean Lard. White Pork. Poultry to Order.    52
Section 11—Garden Vegetables.
Cut-to-Order Asparagus. Quick Market Strawberries. Round Tomatoes. Pint Peas. String Beans. Green Corn.    54
Section 12—School Supplies.
Book Covers. Artificial Slates. Cheap Ink. School Bag. Pen Wiper. Children’s Luncheon.    56
Section 13—Christmas Presents.
Sofa Pillow. Jewel Tray. American Flag. Hair-Pin Case. Chair Cushion. Lamp Shade. Bookmark. Handy Work-Box. Pincushion. Catch-Bag. Court-Plaster Case. Postage-Stamp Holder. Photograph Frame. Match Safe. Wall-Pocket. Glove Box.    57
Section 14—Miscellaneous Articles.
Hot Gems. Sliced Watermelon. Toothsome Pies. Ice Cream. Pork and Beans. Tomato Ketchup. Mince Meat. Dried Apples. Peanuts. Cigarettes. Tallow Candles. Lung Preserver. Poison Killer. Mucilage. Pop Corn.    61
Money in Pears. Greenbacks in Greenings. Plums of Gold. The Raspberry Acre. Profits in Big Peaches. Easy Tomatoes. Assorted Strawberries. Livings in Lettuce. Sovereigns in Spinach. Thousand-Dollar Celery. Fortunes in Water-Cress. The Dollar Blackberry. Nickels in Pickles. The Beet Lot. The Roasting Ear. Paying Peas. Grated Horseradish.    69
The School Store. The Hand Album. The Novelty Bakery. The Front Yard Snap. The Pet Dog. The Box Lunch. The Hairdresser. Typo and Steno. The Sewing School. Flat Hunting. A Tea Room. Dress Mending. Lace Handling. Intelligence Office. Professional Mending. The College Cram. Shoe and Wrap Room. General Convenience Room. Sick-Room Delicacies. Shopping Commission. School Luncheon. Hatching Birds. Butter-and-Egg Store. Saratoga Chips. Fancy Lamp Shades. Bee-Keeping. Cleansing and Bleaching. Fancy Soaps. Home Architecture. Home Ornaments. Doubtful Debts. Dressing Dolls. Fruit Preservers. Mushroom Cellar. Poultry Raising. Home Hothouse. Art Needlework. News Agency. Women’s Wants. Home Printing Press. Short Service Bureau. Delicatessen Room. Miscellaneous Exchange. Cap and Apron Plan. Kitchen Utensils. Wedding Manager. Foreign Homes. Lady Barber. Mineral Collections for Schools. Turkish Bath. Trained Nurses. Traveling Companion. Paper Flowers. French Perfumer and Complexion Expert. A Woman’s Hotel. Guide for Shoppers. Bicycle Instruction. Cooking School. Boarding House. Pen Engraving. Ladies’ Restaurant. A Woman’s Newspaper. Advertising Agent. The Civil Service. Post-Prandial Classes. Women Druggists. Almanac Makers. Women Lecturers. Magazine Contributors. Women Physicians. Paper Box Making. Horticulture. Vocalists. Packing Trunks. Women Costumers. Express Office. Fancy Bakery. Women Grocers. Food and Medicine Samples. Samples in Stores. Samples from House to House. The Woman Beautifier. The Manicure Parlor. The Massage Treatment. Ice Cream Parlor. Flower Packets. Lady Caterer. Delicacies for Invalids. Insect Powder. Rice Cultivator. Yeast Cakes. Physical Culture. House Cleaning. Selling Oysters. Pie Cart. Men’s Neckties. Dancing Teacher. Haberdasher. Lady Architect. Lost and Found Agency.

Thanks, gkb - I downloaded it and am looking forward to browsing. Gotta laugh, though, to see "Lady Architect" there at the bottom of the post....

(... scurries off to indulge in a fiction brainstorm...)

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Project Gutenberg is always a good place to find old treasures.